British Shorthair: The ideal family cat

The British Shorthair is sometimes lovingly referred to as "Teddy bear" by his admirers. But he's much more than just a cuddle!

The British Shorthair is an uncomplicated, friendly breed with a balanced and affectionate character. He easily adapts, learns quickly, has a robust body and his coat requires little maintenance. No surprise that this is one of the most popular breeds.

Loves children

The British Shorthair is a very strong breed. He can adapt very quickly to new situations, without losing his playfulness. The British Shorthair loves children and enjoys being close to people without imposing himself, but he is just as loyal as a dog. This cat is a quiet family friend. This breed is never moody and has a good sense of humour. Both sexes can generally get along with dogs and other pets when they have been introduced to each other in the proper manner.


A British Shorthair loves to play and can be occupied with a mouse, ball or a wad of paper for hours. A British Shorthair needs exercise to stay in good shape and a scratching post is beneficial.
A British Shorthair remains playful until old age. The British Shorthairs like to inspect new visitors thoroughly and often cuddle them as they do so. Once this need has been satisfied, the cat stalks regally away and quietly observes the visitor from a respectful distance.


The British Shorthair is known for his intelligence and great learning capacity. They have an excellent memory. Once they've learned how to open a door they never forget it!

Routine needed

If this breed has become used to a daily routine they will insist that you stick it. In general, adult British Shorthairs are brave and not easily scared. In panic situations, the British Shorthair is often surprisingly calm.

In short, the British Shorthair is a perfect family cat!

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